1. Amendment and Convention Delegates


100. AMENDMENT OF BYLAWS A. These bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Federated Council by a majority vote. B. RECONSIDERATION OF COUNCIL ACTION In the event action is taken by a majority vote of the Federated Council, and that action is contrary to the unanimous vote of 60 percent of the Sections, the action may be reconsidered through the following procedures: Timeline for Reconsideration (1) Reconsider Notification: Within 10 calendar days after the initial vote, the State Office must receive notification of intent to ask for reconsideration. (2) Written materials to Sections: 30 calendar days after the initial vote, Sections activating the reconsideration process must send out materials to all Sections and the State Office. (3) The amendment will be returned for a vote at the next Federated Council meeting with a simple majority vote needed for passage. (4) In the event there is no request for reconsideration within the 10 calendar day timeline or forwarded materials to Sections within the 30 calendar day timeline, the amendment will be considered passed. (Example of timeline: fall – issues presented for a first reading; winter – discussion, vote and reconsideration if necessary; spring – revote, if necessary. In other words, it could take three Federated Council meetings in order for an item to be passed once this bylaw is put into effect.) C. Upon majority action of the Executive Committee, this bylaw shall be set aside in the event of a need for emergency action. In that event, a majority vote shall prevail. D. Following adoption of the amendment, the effective date shall be July 1, unless the motion carries a specific implementation date. (Revised May 2013 Federated Council) 101. PROXY VOTING Whenever a Federated Council member is unable to attend any meeting of the Federated Council, the member may authorize another Federated Council member to vote by proxy, provided authorization is in writing and delivered to the President prior to the meeting.

102. ALTERNATES The governing body of each Section or other entity with representation on the Federated Council may name an alternate to vote at a Federated Council meeting whenever a regular member is unable to attend, provided the President is notified, in writing, prior to the meeting and the alternate meets the requirements as set forth in Article 3-30 & 31, of the Constitution.

103. WEIGHTED VOTING A. Votes cast at any Federated Council meeting shall be determined according to a weighted voting system. CIF Section votes shall be based upon: (1) One (1) vote per 0-25 member schools; PLUS (2) One (1) vote per 0-25,000 students enrolled in the Section. B. The Southern Section shall have weighted votes equal to double the second largest Section. C. The composition of member schools and enrollment shall be reviewed every year based upon the prior year’s CBEDS enrollment and adjusted accordingly. (Revised May 2000 Federated Council)

D. Weighted votes on the Federated Council shall be allocated as follows: Central 11, Central Coast 14, Los Angeles 14, North Coast 15, Northern 5, Oakland 2, Sac-Joaquin 18, San Diego 13, San          Francisco 2, Southern 36, State Department of Education 1, President 1, President-Elect 1, Past-President 1, California Coaches Association 1, California School Boards Association 1, Association of California School Administrators 1, California Superintendents Liaison Committee 1, California State Athletic Directors Association 1, California Association of Private School Organizations 1, California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance 1, California Activities Directors Association 1 (Total 142).

   NOTE:   The number of votes approved for each Section at the Federated Council will be determined each school year in the spring and any necessary adjustments in the number of votes become effective in the first regular meeting of the following school year.

104. AGENDAS A. State agendas will be posted for public inspection at the State Office and each Section Office for at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. B. Section agendas will be posted for public inspection at the respective Section Office for at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. C. The State and each Section shall notify media outlets that service its respective area of its schedule of meetings for the year, and the times and locations where its agenda will be posted. NOTE: In accordance with Section 33353 of the Education Code, meetings of the CIF are subject to the Ralph M. Brown Act (Government Code Section 54950 et seq.). A guide to the conduct of these meetings, written by the CIF General Counsel, can be found on the State CIF web site (www.cifstate.org). This guide applies to State meetings as well as to meetings of the Sections and leagues, but does not apply to State and Section appeal hearings involving student eligibility, Section playoffs or appeal hearings of matters other than student eligibility or Section playoffs, pursuant to Bylaws 1100-1103. 105. REFUSAL TO COMPLY WITH CIF RULE The membership of any school, league or other subordinate unit of the CIF, which has willfully refused to comply with a rule, policy or principle of the CIF, shall be suspended, thereby denying CIF competition to such school, league or subordinate unit, until the school, league or subordinate unit achieves compliance with the rule, policy or principle. The imposition of the suspension called for in this bylaw may be temporarily suspended at the discretion of the Executive Director provided that the school, league or subordinate unit is (1) making a good faith effort to come into compliance with the rule, policy or principle in question and (2) provides assurances that it will be in full compliance by a certain date which is acceptable to the Executive Director. The membership of any school, league or other subordinate unit of the CIF which has willfully refused to comply with a rule, policy or principle of the CIF, and which fails to undertake efforts to come into compliance, or to come into compliance within a reasonable time after being notified of such non-compliance, shall be revoked. (Approved May 2001 Federated Council)