26. Softball

ARTICLE 26 SOFTBALL 2600. LENGTH OF GAME CIF Sections are authorized to limit junior varsity softball games to seven innings or a maximum of two hours, whichever comes first. No new inning shall begin after two hours have expired from the start of the game.

2601. OFFICIAL NATIONAL FEDERATION AUTHENTICATION MARK Beginning with the 2000-2001 school year, only balls with the National Federation authentication mark shall be used in the sports of baseball, basketball, field hockey, football, lacrosse, soccer, softball, volleyball and water polo (Approved February 1999 Federated Council; revised to include lacrosse November 2000).

2602. PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT It is required that adult base coaches wear a protective helmet. Play will not continue until compliance with this rule is met. It is recommended that the helmet meet NOCSAE standards. NOTE: NFHS rules govern use of protective equipment by a player/student. (Approved January 2015 Federated Council)